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Hanoi Cooking Class Half-day

The best way to learn about Vietnamese culture is from its cuisine. Take a cooking class to learn how to cook traditional dishes of Vietnam and Vietnamese Culture.

Hanoi Cooking Class Half-day

There are 2 schedules for the cooking class:

  • Lunch Option: Picks up at 8:50 am.
  • Dinner Option: Picks up at 3:20 pm.

General program:

After being picked up from your hotel in Hanoi, you will arrive at the cooking class location. Together with the chef, you will be preparing 4 Vietnamese dishes for either Lunch or Dinner which are:

– Vietnamese traditional rice noodle with beef soup (or ‘Pho bo’).

– Hanoi fried spring rolls (or ‘nem ran Hanoi’).

– Hanoi noodles and grilled meat (or ‘bun cha Hanoi’).

– Banana flower salad with chicken (or ‘nom hoa chuoi’).

All the dishes will be made from the scratch and you will enjoy the cooking in a fun and intimate atmosphere with other people. (Maximum is 10 people per class)

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